Monday, December 20, 2010

Get Your Documentary On This Holiday Season

Just a huge suggestion!

I'm so happy I found the documentary Capturing Reality: The Art Of Documentary because it really put documentary into an attainable entity for little ol' me, a fresh Media Studies graduate student. I put all of these documentaries on my Netflix and I recommend them to any and every one. The directors of these films are featured in the documentary and not only are they examples of all kinds of great genres of documentaries but "Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary" breaks down every aspect of making a documentary.

The Day I will Never Forget A film by Kim Loginotto

Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go A film by Kim Longinotto

My Country, My Country A film by Laura Poitras

Grey Gardens A film by Albert and David Maysles

The Salesman by Albert and David Maysles

Touching the Void A film by Kevin Macdonald

Darwin's Nightmare A film by Hubert Sauper

Biggie and Tupac A film by Nick Broomfield

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